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The KEY to Permanent Weight Loss

Aug 13, 2020

THE KEY TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS? RESILIENCE. In this week’s episode, Sarah and Morgan discuss the role that resilience plays in losing weight and keeping it off. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, aka toughness.

We could all use a little more of that, especially during these crazy COVID times.

If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to cultivate the SKILL of resilience.

This isn’t something you’re born with, you can learn how to become more resilient.

It doesn’t matter how many times you stop. It matters how many times you start again.


Helpful Time Stamps

5:30 - How Sarah dealt with shame from someone close to her this week.

11:30 - “You can control what happens to you but you can control how you react.” How to be the bigger person when someone shames you so your reaction doesn’t become a situation in and of itself!

13:12 - When you have good intentions but don’t get them done! How to prioritize yourself before you give your time to anyone else. (Hint: Get on the NO train!)

15:51 - Resilience - what it is and why it’s the KEY to lasting weight loss.

23:24 - Sarah’s top tips to become more resilient in your own life. Don’t catastrophize. Let others help you. Use a gratitude journal. Change your narrative from a negative to a positive/reframe the situation in your mind. Keep your eye on your why. Let yourself feel sorry for yourself but then you’ve got to move on.


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