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What Does Zivli Include?

Each new Zivli member gets a 1:1 consultation to personalize their plan, plus the following:

  • Lifetime access to the 4 Core modules.
  • Lifetime access to 6 deep-dive masterclasses.
  • Lifetime access to Master Your Weight Loss Mindset.
  • Lifetime access to weekly Office Hours.
  • Online community.
  • Email support. 
  • Recipe bank.
  • Additional 1:1 coaching add-on. 


You'll learn the four-step follow-through formula to set you up for success in modifying your lifestyle.


Learn how to fuel your body to lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle - without crashing your metabolism. 


Learn how to harness the benefits of intermittent fasting without feeling restricted or too hungry. 


Reduce stress levels, and optimize sleep & movement to reduce insulin resistance & inflammation.


Advanced trainings for carb cravings, emotional eating, unhealthy habits, negative thinking, plateaus, and maintenance.


In-depth trainings on optimizing your mindset to help you stay consistent and avoid self-sabotage.

Plus, Get Access to 

Exclusive Bonuses


To personalize your plan, you'll get a 1:1 consultation included with your membership. If you want more support with goal setting, accountability, and overcoming limiting thoughts, you can purchase additional sessions.


Get your questions answered and receive in-depth, personalized support in our weekly small-group coaching sessions. You'll learn from other member's experiences, challenges, and accomplishments in safe place.

You’ll Also Get...

Unlimited email support, food lists, recipe ideas, meal planning tools, monthly goal setting & accountability group calls.

Relief From:

  • Excess weight & belly fat.
  • Blood numbers heading in the wrong direction.
  • General, unhelpful weight loss advice.
  • Diets that only work while you're on them.
  • Uncertainty about what & when to eat.

So You Can:

  • Lose fat & gain muscle.
  • Boost your energy & stamina. 
  • Lower pain, inflammation, blood sugar & blood pressure. 
  • Reduce or eliminate prescriptions.
  • Lower your risk of diseases like dementia, diabetes, & heart disease. 
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  • Want to stay active and independent as long as possible?
  • Feel like you've tried everything to lose weight have minimal long-term success?
  • Struggle with belly fat & excess weight, high blood sugar, blood pressure, or triglycerides? 
  • Want to eliminate, reduce, or prevent your need for medications?
  • Want more peace of mind about your health?

If so, then Zivli is right for you!

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with Zivli, let us know within the first 60-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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How Much Would These Results Mean to You? 

A better quality of life. Fewer medical expenses. More peace of mind.

"I've lost 20 pounds and dropped 2-3 sizes. My weight, BMI, and waist circumference are all in healthy range. I'm now off of my statin and my A1c is normal."

"At age 59, in 20 weeks, I lost 20 pounds, without changing how I exercise. I feel more confident and have more than enough energy to play with my grandchildren."

"My previously high blood pressure readings are now down to numbers I haven’t seen since my 30s. I’ve lost inches from my hips, waist, and thighs and I fit into my clothes better!"

"I am experiencing much less joint pain and sleeping better. I've lost 20 pounds so far. Best of all, my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication!"

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