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How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally with Molly Downey, RDN, LDN from Nutrisense

diabetes insulin insulin resistance prediabetes sugar weight loss May 20, 2021

Note: Reshape Physical Therapy and Wellness evolved into Weight Loss for Health, and finally Zivli. How to Lose Weight After 50 was our first course that eventually grew into Zivli. Some old blog posts or resources mentioned in this episode may have been removed. 

Learn how to lower blood sugar naturally in this interview with Molly Downey. She’s a registered dietician who specializes in glucose control, metabolism, and weight loss. She currently works as a dietitian at Nutrisense, a health technology company which leverages continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) - as a way to optimize diet, health, and overall well being.

You may have believed that it doesn’t matter when you eat or what you eat, as long as you stay under your calories or points in a day. 

That is not based on science. Weight loss is about hormones. Specifically, it’s about insulin. And you’re going to learn today how the type, amount, and timing of foods we eat impacts blood glucose.


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Highlights From This Episode

  • Which macronutrient you should eat first during your meal to lower the overall glucose impact of that meal. 
  • How to lower your morning blood sugars, also known as the dawn effect.
  • Why eating the same meal at a different time of day can impact your blood glucose differently. 
  • Why eating several small meals a day is bad for blood glucose and weight loss. 
  • How and when to break your longer fasts.
  • Why you can’t maintain your weight with the same diet at 60 as you did at 40.


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