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Self-Care & Grace During Weight Loss

Aug 20, 2020

YOU’LL NEVER LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT THIS. Self-care isn’t just getting massages or your nails done. Self-care is making time for YOU. However that looks in your life.

Even if it’s having a beer on the back patio. You’ve got to give your time to yourself before you give it to anyone else.

Eating healthy food is self-care. Going for a walk is self-care. Taking time to do absolutely nothing can be self-care, too.


Helpful Time Stamps

3:36 - What self-care is, and what it’s not (from Sarah’s perspective).

8:45 - Morgan talks about conditional hunger, and how we’ve all been trained to eat to deal with just about every emotion possible.

16:26 - The internal resistance Sarah is facing that’s getting in her way of tracking her food on her phone.

23:25 - Why trying to be perfect will hinder your long-term weight loss.

27:07 - Morgan talks about removing judgement from your food choices so you can move past internal resistance to logging your food.


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