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Detaching Your Self-Worth & Self-Esteem from the Scale (Weight Loss Mindset Tip)

weight loss journey weight loss mindset May 17, 2023

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight has probably experienced attachment to their weight and a strong desire to see their hard work paying off on the scale.

You wait for a “good day,” go to the bathroom, strip down to nothing, adjust your weight side to side on the scale all in hopes that you’ll see the lowest possible number.

Sound familiar?

But what you may not recognize is that mental attachment to a number on the scale is actually counterproductive to long-term weight loss.

This attachment could look like feeling really discouraged after stepping on the scale and not seeing any downward progress.

It could look like seeing no change on the scale, and feeling frustrated because you're doing everything in your power to lose weight and nothing is happening.

In fact, sometimes you gain a pound or two from last week and you think…

“What’s the point? Why am I doing this anyway?”

Attachment can also manifest as behavior change when you do lose weight.

For example, seeing a lower number and then overeating that day or weekend.

If any of that resonates with you, you’ll love this episode. Inside, I share a quick and simple way to start detaching your self-worth, or self-esteem, from the number on the scale.


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