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Losing the Mental Weight - Interview With Zivli Member, Shana

dieting eating disorder lose weight mental health mental weight Jul 27, 2022

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Shana, a Zivli member. In this episode, Shana shares her eating disorders, dieting, and mental health background. One of Shana’s most significant struggles was deciding when to retire. After her body completely shut down, Shana took it as a serious wake-up call and finally closed that chapter of her life. 

 Shana reveals all her limiting thoughts around food and lifestyle. Tune in as we talk about the fears behind those limiting thoughts, tips on identifying your own limiting beliefs, and Shana reveals her tricks for staying healthy on vacation. 


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Highlights From This Episode

[00:00] About Shana’s background with eating disorders and dieting.

[11:25] Struggling with your mental health and stress at work. 

[25:05] Why you shouldn’t feel bad for wasting unhealthy foods.

[27:40] The reason you should not reward yourself with food. 

[37:40] Give yourself time when it comes to making lifestyle changes. 

[52:50] Build and preserve better boundaries through daily practice.  

[59:55] Tips for going on vacation without breaking your lifestyle habits.


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