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Medication Adverse Effects From Lowering Insulin Levels With Ashlee Symcox, RN, FNTP

blood sugar health insulin insulin resistance lower blood sugar medication side effect weight loss Aug 31, 2022

Ashlee Symcox, RN, FNTP is a Registered Nurse and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She worked 11 years in the Emergency Department where she witnessed, first hand, the devastation of chronic Illness on peoples' lives.  

After dealing with a health set-back herself, she found answers hard to come by in the conventional medical model. She found healing in, and made the choice to pursue Functional Nutrition where she now helps those with chronic illnesses discover the root cause of their illness and take back control of their health. 

Ashlee takes a holistic approach to helping others heal without band-aid approaches. As a Zivli member, Ashlee has shared her expertise with our Zivli members during Office Hours more than once. I invited her on the podcast to share her knowledge and personal experience with a broader audience.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of understanding potential medication adverse effects for cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure lowering medications.


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Highlights from this Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction.

[4:40] Lifestyle changes and their relation to blood sugar.

[7:40] How to prevent low blood sugar as a result of medication and talk to your prescribing provider.

[11:27] Lifestyle changes and their relation to blood pressure.

[18:20] Thyroid function and medication.

[23:00] How over prescribed medications contribute to nutritional deficiencies.

[29:00] How antibiotics can harm or impair gut health.


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