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How to Check Your Insulin Levels & Insulin Resistance at Home

diabetes insulin resistance insulin test prediabetes weight loss mindset Nov 30, 2022

This video explains how to check your insulin levels at home to determine if you have insulin resistance with our at-home insulin resistance test. We offer a single insulin test, or a more comprehensive cardiometabolic panel. 

To learn more and order a test, click here.

Knowing your insulin levels can be a very important marker for your health status, and motivating to track along your health journey.

Fasting insulin has been shown to predict type 2 diabetes over 10 years before fasting glucose, and over 88% of adults in America have some degree of insulin resistance. 

So even if your glucose or hemoglobin A1c are at normal levels, that doesn't mean you have optimal metabolic health. Insulin is a much better indicator.


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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction.

[0:30] Why checking insulin is more important than glucose or A1c, especially if your blood glucose and A1c are in healthy ranges.

[1:30] The at-home insulin testing process and what you can expect.

[1:57] What the Cardiometabolic Test Kit includes.

[3:40] Other signs & symptoms of insulin resistance.

[4:31] Learn more about Zivli helps you lower insulin resistance and inflammation for long-term weight loss and better health.


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