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Curb Your Food Cravings For Good with Glenn Livingston, PhD

best weight loss food cravings healthy aging mindful eating Feb 07, 2024

Craving a solution to those irresistible food temptations? Dive into the psyche of cravings and how to combat them during my interview with Glenn Livingston, PhD.

Dr. Glenn, a renowned psychologist and author of the latest book, "Defeat Your Cravings," was disenchanted with traditional psychology’s solutions for those struggling with weight and food obsession. He embarked on an extensive personal and professional journey, working with patients and conducting a self-funded research program about the nature of binging and overeating involving over 40,000 participants.

Dr. Glenn has dedicated decades to understanding the complexities of overeating and binging, fueled by his own personal story with food.


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction.

[18:16] What causes food cravings?

[25:22] What is the extinction curve?

[30:51] Common triggers for food cravings.

[51:12] Strategies to reduce emotional eating by creating space between stimulus and response.

[54:40] Tips for effectively managing our food cravings.


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