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How to Stop Binge and Emotional Eating With Glenn Livingston, PhD

binge eating emotional eating food addiction food habits overeating Mar 02, 2022

Glenn Livingston, PhD, author of Never Binge Again, shares his unique method that helped him and thousands help stop binge eating and emotional eating once and for all. If you struggle with overeating, emotional eating, food addiction, or binge eating disorder, this interview will give you ideas and inspiration to gain control over your food habits. 

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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic Intro

[3:53] Why “loving yourself thin” often doesn’t work for overeating. 

[4:40] The parts of the brain you need to know about for overeating. Vital information why we can’t love our way out of an addiction - those two parts of the brain don’t work well together. 

[6:42] Why some food companies are taking money our of the nutrient-density of food and into colorful and creative marketing. 

[8:00] What your salt, sugar, and starchy food cravings tell you about your underlying emotions. Are you lonely, stressed at work, or stressed at home?

[14:30] How Glenn discovered his “inner pig” and how this concept changed his life. 

[22:12] Are there actual differences between overeating and food addiction?

[29:30] What percentage of people who struggle with overeating can regulate their “trigger foods” versus needing to abstain from them completely?

[37:40] Analogy on why it’s important to set specific micro-goals to improve overeating tendencies. 

[46:20] The dual relationship between emotions and binges. Emotions don’t just cause binges. Binges also cause emotions. 


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