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How to Make Weight Loss Easier After Menopause/Perimenopause

menopause perimenopause weight loss May 06, 2021

Note: Reshape Physical Therapy and Wellness evolved into Weight Loss for Health, and finally Zivli. How to Lose Weight After 50 was our first course that eventually grew into Zivli. Some old blog posts or resources mentioned in this episode may have been removed. 

Learn how to make weight loss easier after menopause and perimenopause. Losing weight after menopause can be tough. It requires a different diet plan - a lifestyle plan really. A drop in estrogen after menopause causes more weight gain in the stomach, or belly fat. It can be so frustrating to know how to get your flat stomach back.

This video will point you in the right direction and explain why insulin resistance is to blame. If you’re over 50, and especially if your postmenopausal, the drop in your estrogen naturally causes a rise in insulin resistance. Insulin is your fat storage hormone. More insulin = more fat. 


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Highlights From This Episode

  • Why going through menopause and the drop in estrogen leads to a rise in insulin and belly fat.
  • Common signs of insulin resistance. 
  • Why menopause is the "perfect storm" for fat gain.


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