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How to Train Your Subconscious Mind to Lose Weight | Mindset for Weight Loss with Dr. Mary Barson

dr. mary barson mindset weight loss weight maintenance Apr 22, 2021

Note: Reshape Physical Therapy and Wellness evolved into Weight Loss for Health, and finally Zivli. How to Lose Weight After 50 was our first course that eventually grew into Zivli. Some old blog posts or resources mentioned in this episode may have been removed. 

Learn how to train your subconscious mind to lose weight with Dr. Mary Barson for long-term weight loss. 

Your subconscious brain is responsible for 90+% of your decisions. Yet most weight loss programs completely ignore it. Your thoughts drive your emotions. Your emotions drive your actions. Your actions drive your results. Mindset is key for sustainable weight loss. 


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Highlights From This Episode

  • 3 tips to transition from a diet full of processed foods to one centered around real food. 
  • What to do when you “get off track” with your diet. 
  • Why self-compassion and grace are vital keys to sustainable weight loss. 
  • The benefits of medical hypnosis for weight loss.
  • A practical, step-by-step roadmap for doing your own mindfulness practice to embed positive suggestions into your subconscious mind. 


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