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Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight With Cynthia Thurlow, NP

how to lose weight insulin resistance intermittent fasting intermittent fasting transformation weight loss Mar 16, 2022

Cynthia Thurlow’s new book, Intermittent Fasting Transformation walks you through a 45-day plan to lose weight and get healthy with intermittent fasting. Her TEDx talk, Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique, has more than 12 Million views on YouTube. 

In this interview we discuss the benefits of fasting, common fasting mistakes, and fasting for men and women is different. 


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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Cynthia Thurlow, NP explains how most nutritional dogma clinicians learn in school is wrong. 

[3:00] How is intermittent fasting different for men and women?

[6:40] How to get started with intermittent fasting for beginners. 

[10:30] Starting intermittent fasting with a history of disordered exercise or eating. 

[12:35] Discussion on intuitive eating, AKA mindful eating, and why this may not be the most effective strategy if you have poor gut and/or metabolic health.

[18:00] Discussion on how to adjust your nutrition and fasting window in conjunction with your menstrual cycle. 

[23:25] Discussion on endocrine disrupting chemicals and how to reduce them in your lifestyle. 

[32:00] Gluten, dairy, and soy related to thyroid disease, and molecular mimicry (fascinating!)

[36:30] Intermittent fasting is a hormetic stressor - how do we know if it’s stressing us too much?

[41:40] Why Cynthia refused to accept that weight gain is a normal part of aging. 

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