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How to Reduce Inflammation & Increase Energy by Optimizing Mitochondrial Health with Carrie B

Nov 24, 2021

Watch this interview with Carrie Bennett to learn how to reduce inflammation, increase energy, and increase fat loss by optimizing your mitochondrial health. Mitochondria are your energy producing factories inside each cell of your body. In this interview we discuss the structure and function of mitochondria including the vital electron transport chance (where energy actually comes from!). 

You’ll learn how to improve mitochondrial health, reduce mitochondrial inflammation, and improve your circadian rhythm for better sleep for increased fat loss. 


Timestamps for This Interview

5:42 - What is quantum biology and how does it impact inflammation, fat loss, and energy?

6:55 - How is energy actually produced in your body and how to get more of it!

10:07 - What causes mitochondrial inflammation and poor mitochondrial health?

11:34 - 3 toxins to avoid for healthy mitochondria + hair and skin product recommendations to reduce our aluminum. 

23:11 - What sleep does for our mitochondria and energy.

25:00 - Does shift work compromise your hormonal health?

25:40 - What is your circadian rhythm?

26:03 - Benefits of blue light blocking glasses to improve sleep. 

26:25 - How to optimize sleep with morning sun exposure. 

29:30 - Why too much blue light from tech devices is harmful for our sleep. 

43:40 - Why red light is important for mitochondrial health and energy production. 

48:11 - Why you may not be losing weight. 

55:46 - How to tell if there is fluoride in your water. 

56:37 - How your body can store energy in water instead of body fat. 



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