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Low Calorie Versus Low Insulin for Weight Loss - Which Works Better?

insulin resistace insulin resistance diet tips weight loss Jun 28, 2023

In this episode, you’ll learn 4 differences between low-calorie eating and low-insulin eating for losing weight, and more importantly, keeping it off.

Why is this conversation important?

We believe a lot of the frustration and feelings of failure that are commonly associated with weight loss can be mitigated through a low insulin approach.

So many come to us after being trapped in the weight regain rollercoaster.

This looks like unintentionally gaining weight, gaining motivation to get it off, doing some sort of short-term diet to lose the weight, regaining weight, feeling like a failure, then starting the cycle all over again once you regain your motivation to change.

How you go about losing weight - whether the low calorie or low insulin approach, will determine three things.

First - the type of body weight you lose. In other words, are you losing fat or muscle mass?

Second - how likely the weight is to stay off due to your new body composition.

Third - your weight loss experience in general. I.e. Are you miserable, cold, tired and hungry? Or satisfied and energetic?

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