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3 Insulin Resistance Testing Options (Includes HOMA-IR Tutorial)

insulin resistance insulin resistance test insulin test at home Apr 09, 2023

This video covers 3 ways to test for insulin resistance.

✅ The first is a fasting insulin test.

✅ The second is your HOMA-IR score, which uses both glucose and insulin.

✅ The third is your triglyceride to HDL ratio.

So often people don’t realize they have insulin resistance until they are diagnosed with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

For some reason, the medical community is not regularly testing insulin. In fact, they may give you push-back if you ask.

One doctor said, “We don’t check insulin unless someone is diabetic.”

The medical community has tested blood glucose for so long because it’s easier and cheaper to test than insulin.

But a rise in blood sugar is the downstream effect of a rise in insulin.

Insulin can rise for 10-20 years in the background, all while you still have normal blood sugar levels.

That’s 10-20 years of time when you thought you were healthy and everything was fine…

when had someone told you otherwise, you could have been making lifestyle changes to prevent prediabetes or type 2 diabetes in the first place! 🙌


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