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You Don't Need THIS To Lose Weight (Weight Loss Mindset Tip)

weight loss mindset tip weight loss motivation Apr 26, 2023

One common mistake I see when people are losing weight or improving their health is…

inadvertently raising their stress by using the word “need.”

How many times a day do you have thoughts like…

“I need to go to the gym” or “I need to meal prep.”

You don’t actually need to do anything.

In fact, using the word need is counterproductive to your weight loss and health goals.

👉You don’t need the word need. 👈

The word need, along with should, and have to, are three things that cause stress in your mind.

Stress raises cortisol, cortisol raises insulin, and increased insulin makes weight loss hard. 🤦‍♀️

Just another example of sneaky limiting thoughts.


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