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How to Change Thought Patterns & Stop Negative Self Talk with Jane Tornatore PhD, LMFT

Mar 09, 2022

Three of the biggest barriers to long-term weight loss I often hear are: negative self-talk that leads to self-sabotage; a lack of healthy boundaries with little time and energy to focus on YOU; and frequently putting the needs of other people above your own - at the expense of your own health. 

Dr. Jane Tornatore has a PhD in Family Social Science and Family Therapy. As a recovering perfectionist, she knows the pain of being bogged down by old beliefs, feeling responsible for everything, and never quite measuring up to expectations. 

Through her own ongoing inner growth work and exploration, she continues to discover the freedom and peace that come from questioning old beliefs, being gentler on herself, and living more from her heart, not expectations of others or old beliefs. 

You’ll find this episode extremely valuable if, like me, you’re a recovery perfectionist and people pleaser!

Here are the Timestamps for this Episode

0:00 - Why removing “should, must, have to, and need” from your vocabulary can drastically reduce your unconscious stress. 

3:40 - Why Dr. Tornatore pivoted from 20 years working in Alzheimer’s research to Family and Marriage therapy. 

7:28 - What is a thought inhibitor, and how do they get in the way of following-through on our good intentions?

12:09 - How we can stop making unhealthy food (instant gratification) more important than our health.

14:13 - Why losing weight alone won’t make you feel more worthy - and how you can start to feel like you’re ENOUGH now. 

28:42 - Tips to reduce perfectionistic tendencies. 

40:10 - How to identify unconscious stress and master your stressful thoughts. 

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