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Practicing Peacefulness and Contentment for Weight Loss With Lucia Hawley, MSW

mental wellness mindful eating mindfulness Feb 14, 2024

Imagine a world where losing weight wasn’t a constant struggle – where you were in control of your weight loss journey and felt physically and mentally energetic. A world without reliance on health hacks, diets, or tricks.

Meet Lucia Hawley, a certified personal trainer, functional nutritional therapy practitioner, and women's wellness coach, who is striving to bring that world to life through the practice of mindfulness and contentment.

With a Master’s in Social Work, Clinical Mental Health, and host of the Mindfulness-Based Weight Loss Podcast, Lucia is on a mission to help women aged 30+ break free from the mental pitfalls of yo-yo dieting and weight loss resistance. Her approach focuses on cultivating six simple, healthy habits that lead to sustainable weight loss.

In this exclusive interview, Lucia shares her insights on the best way to approach weight loss, how to incorporate mental wellness into your wellness journey, how to discover your inner wisdom and so much more!


Highlights From This Episode 

[0:00] Topic introduction.

[03:55] Lucia's influence on the health journeys of her clients, drawing on her expertise in Psychology.

[06:28] Effective strategies for fostering mindfulness throughout your health and wellness journey.

[10:30] Autosuggestion and its significant role in promoting personal well-being.

[16:23] Exploring one's inner wisdom – a crucial element in personal development.

[38:18] Effective methods for putting an end to persistent thoughts influenced by diet culture.

[40:45] Defining the concept of diet culture and gaining insights into its implications on our lives.


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