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The Role of Insulin in Brain Function With Dr. Georgia Ede (Central Insulin Resistance Explained!)

brain function insulin resistance mental health May 15, 2024

In today’s episode, nutritional psychologist Dr. Georgia Ede explores how insulin resistance, marked by elevated insulin levels, can profoundly affect cognitive and mental well-being. From anxiety and depression to ADHD, autism, and bipolar disorder, she unveils the intricate relationship between insulin dynamics and brain function.

Insulin, a key player in regulating glucose utilization for energy, is vital for proper brain cell function. Yet, when insulin levels fluctuate, brain cells may falter, giving rise to cognitive challenges. Dr. Ede further discussed how maternal hyperglycemia and diabetes can heighten the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

However, navigating stress and sleep deprivation poses hurdles to reaping the full benefits of ketosis. Dr. Ede underscores the importance of maintaining optimal insulin and glucose levels, advocating for the ketogenic diet as a sustainable pathway to sustained ketosis.

Join Dr. Georgia Ede as she delves into the broader landscape of brain health, tackling topics such as inflammation, oxidative stress, and the profound impact of diet on cognitive function. Her message is clear: by nourishing, protecting, and energizing the brain through mindful dietary choices, we pave the way for enhanced mental resilience.


Highlights From This Episode

[00:00] Topic introduction.

[04:22] Insulin resistance and mental health conditions.

[16:35] Insulin resistance in early life and neurodevelopmental disorders.

[25:28] Insulin resistance and mood disorders.

[26:27] Insulin resistance and neurological conditions.

[32:03] The potential of the ketogenic diet in treating autism and ADHD.

[34:49] The role of glucose and ketones in brain function.

[35:18] The importance of a mixture of glucose and ketones for optimal brain function.

[36:44] The brain's ability to convert protein and fat into glucose.

[37:41] The impact of stress and sleep deprivation on ketone utilization and fat burning.

[47:57] Insulin levels and glucose for ketosis.

[53:04] Inflammation, oxidative stress, and mental health conditions.

[56:45] Brain fog in midlife and the role of estrogen.

[01:04:24] The true cause of Alzheimer's Disease.


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