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Losing 50 Pounds Over Age 50 With Zivli Member, Tracy

insulin resistance weight loss tips Aug 30, 2023

One of our favorite things to do is hear about Zivli member wins and success stories. When we hear of a great win in the community or Office Hours, we often reach out and ask that person if they’d be willing to share their story with our broader YouTube/Podcast community.

We always love hearing more of their backstory and details. What made them successful in reaching their goals? What did they do differently than before? What is their thought process like? What’s their daily routine?

This week we're honored to share an interview with Tracy. Check out her results after a year of following the Zivli program:

Aside from looking and feeling amazing, Tracy also saw these results:

โœ… No more joint pain ๐Ÿ™Œ
โœ… Lower blood pressure so I don’t have to take BP medication
โœ… Lower cholesterol so I don’t have to take statin medication
โœ… Not to have diabetes
โœ… To get to a healthy weight
โœ… To be more active with my grandchildren
โœ… Not to shy away from mirrors
โœ… Fit into cute clothes

She dropped 3 clothing sizes and is no longer on any prescription medication. She’s more active with her grandkids and was proud of how she looked in her new swimsuit on her Jamaican vacation with her husband!


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic Introduction. 

[3:00] What makes someone decide “now is the time”? 

[4:45] How Tracy dealt with health issues before. 

[5:40] Tracy's limiting thoughts and how she overcame them. 

[7:21] Tracy's 9:30 AM snack. 

[7:57] The importance of taking control of your health. 

[8:40] Tracy's story with her amazing win!

[9:31] Tracy's medication changes. 

[12:21] Tracy shares her "Why" and her great progress. 

[13:48] Maintaining healthy habits consistently. 

[15:03] Tracy's greatest insight about her health transformation. 

[16:13] How Tracy lost 50 pounds. 

[17:19] The most helpful part of Zivli's program for Tracy. 

[18:48] Tracy's mindset and how it impacted her relationships. 

[21:05] Tracy shares her next goals. 


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