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How to Prevent Prediabetes | Expert Tips

Nov 19, 2020
How to Prevent Prediabetes | Expert Tips

HOW TO PREVENT PREDIABETES | EXPERT TIPS. This video is going to tell you exactly what you need to do to avoid prediabetes.  

If you’re borderline prediabetic, know that this doesn’t have to take you forever to reverse, and it certainly doesn’t require medications. With a few simple lifestyle changes you’ll be well on your way to lower blood sugar readings. 

If diabetes runs in your family and you’re worried that you’re destined to get it, let me tell you that is absolutely NOT true and there is so much you can do to prevent this condition. 

I’m going to break this information down into a few different sections. First, we’ll briefly cover cutoff blood sugar and A1c values for prediabetes and diabetes. 

Then, I’ll teach you how you can check your own blood sugars at home - no need to go to the doctor’s office, and finally we’ll get to the information you need to know, and steps you need to take, to stay healthy and keep your blood sugars in normal ranges...including the types of foods you should include in every meal. 


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