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Finding Yourself Through Fitness, Strength Training and Mindset With Jen Rulon

healthy aging mindset matters self-motivation Jan 17, 2024

It’s one thing to be coached by any person, it’s another to be coached by a truly healthy human, one who practices what they preach. And my guest today, Jen Rulon, defines this!

With completion of 15 Ironmans and personal triathlete/fitness coaching for 22+ years, Jen has a wealth of knowledge about transforming your health and mind. She is the owner of and host of the podcast, The Everyday Healthy Human Podcast.

Her knowledge as an author and speaker includes Triathlete Magazine, Runners World, on the TED Stage, Men’s Journal Online and the New York Times, among many others.

In today’s podcast, we discuss Jen’s journey into triathlons, her insights into nutrition during intense training, and her motivation for writing her book, “Self-Motivation Strategies for Women.” We dive even deeper into Jen’s personal battle with alcohol and her decision to embrace abstinence, her training strategies for her athletes and the importance of mindset work for transformation.


Highlights From This Episode 

[0:00]Topic introduction.

[2:41] Jen's captivating journey into the world of triathlons and the passion that fuels her story.

[14:40] Explore Jen's dietary and nutritional insights during her intense training sessions.

[16:44] Uncover the motivation behind Jen's decision to pen down her book on "Self-Motivation Strategies for Women."

[20:16] Jen's profound passion for self-motivation and the driving force behind her commitment.

[30:13] Jen discusses her personal battle with alcohol and the strategies she employed to overcome it.

[31:14] The power of "Staying in the present. Staying in the now." 

[33:04] Gain insight into Jen's decision to embrace abstinence from alcohol and the reasons that fueled this transformative choice.

[35:40] Explore Jen's training methods for athletes behind her effective approach.

[39:50] Jen's endurance training regimen, understanding the strategies she employed to build stamina and resilience.

[42:50] Factors that enabled Jen to maintain focus and dedication throughout her endurance training journey.

[45:20] Discover the transformative fitness changes that Jen introduced to her routine.


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