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THIS Will Help Reduce Emotional Eating (Weight Loss Mindset Tip)

how to stop emotional eating weight loss mindset tip weight loss tips Apr 05, 2023

Years ago I interviewed an emotional eating expert for the podcast.

I still remember being so surprised that the #1 personality trait of an emotional eater was…

✖️Not perfectionism.

✖️Not being a control freak.

✅ Being a people pleaser.

Time and again in my own life and coaching experience with Zivli members, this rings true.

Often someone inadvertently ties their self-worth to the approval of others. So they go about trying to please everyone to feel better about themselves.

This can be a very slippery slope.

If we say yes to make other people happy, at the expense of our own time to recharge and make ourselves happy…what’s the result???

Emotional fatigue and a frustration at a lack of time to do what’s important to us.

And what’s a quick fix to make us feel better…

Food. 🍩🍦🍨

Usually something that is sweet or salty because those refined carbs stimulate our dopamine receptors in our brains to help us feel better.

This episode is an insightful discussion on how to stop letting the opinions (or more often perceived opinions) of others control your behavior.

This is a very important weight loss skill to develop if you want to become fully aware of, and in control of, your thoughts.


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