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How to Drop Belly Fat for Good With PHD Weight Loss Founder Dr. Ashely Lucas

belly fat how to lose weight lose weight for good obesity visceral fat weight loss Mar 30, 2022

There is a proven link between obesity and more severe cases of COVID-19  inflammatory hormones and visceral belly fat. Dr. Ashley Lucas, founder of PHD Weight Loss, shares how to drop visceral belly fat for good. She shares why it's important to fully collapse this organ so that weight maintenance is easier. 

We also discuss personal carb thresholds, or your personal carb tolerance as it relates to your ability to lose weight. This was a fascinating interview.


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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic Intro

[11:00] Things Dr. Lucas learned in registered dietician school that she has flipped upside down for type 2 diabetes.

[14:00] Why getting rid of excess visceral fat is critical to maintain your weight loss and prevent regain.

[19:00] PHD Weight Loss Protocol including nutrition, behavioral, and emotional aspects.

[20:50] Why obesity is linked to a more severe COVID-19 response due to the link between interleukin-6, cytokines, visceral fat, and COVID.

[22:55] How adipose tissue (fat) is an actual endocrine organ. 

[24:27] How to get rid of visceral belly fat.

[26:00] How to determine your own personal carbohydrate threshold - why some people can eat more carbs and maintain their weight than others.

[31:54] Why exercise is great for wellness, but not that helpful for weight loss.

[38:00] Why visceral fat leads to more food cravings.

[48:24] Why losing the mental weight is vital to losing and keeping off physical weight.


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