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Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau With Dr. Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD

weight loss mindset weight loss plateau weight loss tips Jun 19, 2024

In this conversation, Dr. Ashley Lucas talks about overcoming weight loss plateaus. She discusses the different types of plateaus people experience, categorizing them into psychological/mental/emotional plateaus and metabolic/physical/physiological plateaus.

On the metabolic side, she explores the body's adaptation to diet and exercise, the consequences of chronic under-eating, muscle loss, and the subtle return of old habits. Dr. Lucas emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and self-accountability, along with building a resilient mindset to push through these physical barriers.

Throughout this conversation, she also highlights the need to address both physical and mental aspects to effectively break through weight loss plateaus. Changes in diet, stress levels, sleep patterns, and exercise routines can all play a role in hitting a plateau. The importance of hydration, food quality, and macronutrient balance are highlighted as crucial elements in overcoming these challenges.

Tune in for expert advice and practical tips to break through your plateaus and achieve your health goals!

Highlights From This Episode

[00:00] Topic introduction.

[03:20] Understanding the different types of weight loss plateaus.

[11:39] Overcoming psychological plateaus: visualization, belief, and state change.

[16:13] Addressing metabolic plateaus: adaptation, under-eating, and muscle loss.

[30:44] Self-reflection, self-accountability, and resilient mindset for plateau breakthrough.

[32:53] Understanding weight loss plateaus.

[35:08] The complexity of weight loss.

[36:36] The role of diet in plateaus.

[40:27] Reverse dieting and maintenance.

[44:14] Considering medications and gut health.

[45:33] Adjusting macronutrient breakdown.

[49:08] The importance of hydration.

[51:48] Choosing whole foods over processed foods.

[53:59] Exploring the carnivore diet.

[58:07] Considerations for medications.

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