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How to Get Back On Track With Weight Loss After the Holidays or Vacation

emotional health holiday diet holiday eating holiday weight loss mental health Dec 28, 2022

In this episode, you'll learn 5 tips to get back on track emotionally after a holiday or vacation. 

If you’ve got off track with your diet, exercise, or weight loss after the holiday or a vacation, don’t feel bad about yourself or shame yourself. Life happens! The key is to get back on track with your weight loss and health goals quickly when you get home. 

But getting back on track with your diet or exercise can be hard if you’re not in a good headspace following the holidays. 

Maybe you’ve experienced hurt feelings over the holidays. Maybe someone didn’t show up for you how you’d hoped, or something didn’t meet your expectations. 

If you stay in this negative emotional state, it’s going to be really hard to motivate yourself to take positive action because all your energy is being drained out of you emotionally. 

You cannot master your physical health or actions if you don’t first master your mental and emotional health.

So let’s stop any emotional hangover or emotional bleeding from the holidays right now.


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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Register for our new, FREE training called How to Lower Insulin Resistance.

[1:56] How to get back on track (emotionally) after the holidays.

[5:18] Tip 1: View the situation as an opportunity, not a problem.

[6:54] Tip 2: Hold up the judgment mirror.

[8:30] Tip 3: Assume positive intent & give generous interpretation to the intentions, words, and actions of others.

[10:39] Tip 4: Move your body to get rid of the negative energy.

[11:57] Tip 5: Activate your parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous system to get out of “stress mode.” 


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