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6 Science-Backed Tips to Lose Body Fat & Gain Muscle

gain muscle tips insulin resistance weight loss tips Jul 12, 2023

In this episode, you’ll learn 6 science-backed tips to lose body fat and gain muscle. 

This is an important conversation because if you’re trying to lose weight but aren’t doing these 6 things, you’ll accidentally lose more muscle mass. 

This loss of muscle mass makes the weight you do lose harder to keep off due to a slower metabolic rate. Then all the work, money, and energy you put into losing weight will have been in vain. 

And you'll be stuck on the weight regain rollercoaster yet again. 

We want you to stop going on a diet, and start having a diet. One that helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, body fat level, and muscle mass. 

Then you can just continue to live that lifestyle instead of starting and stopping diets. Be sure to stay through all 5 tips because I’m sharing a bonus one at the end. 

And if you don’t follow this bonus tip, all the other tips will be far less effective - if they work at all.


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