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How to Prevent a Heart Attack with Dr. Michael Twyman

Oct 14, 2021


Watch this video to learn how to prevent a heart attack. Cardiologist, Dr. Michael Twyman, will review the best tests for heart disease to help you know if your heart is healthy.

Knowing these early signs of heart disease can help you determine which lifestyle changes will be the most effective to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, including coronary artery disease, strokes, heart attacks, and heart disease.

Helpful Time Stamps

Worst pieces of advice for heart disease prevention and treatment - 3:22

What are the signs of an unhealthy heart - 5:11

Less known/uncommon symptoms of heart disease - 8:36

Explain how endothelial dysfunction is related to erectile dysfunction - 9:50

The first sign of cardiovascular disease - 10:57

Why a woman’s risk for cardiovascular disease increases after menopause - 12:15

The best tests to determine the risk of heart disease - 15:20

Why a cardiac stress tests is NOT the most effective test to prevent heart disease - 15:34

Test #1: EndoPAT test for endothelial dysfunction - 15:40

Test #2: Carotid intima-media thickness test (CIMT) to evaluate for soft plaque in the carotid artery and see your vascular age - 17:26

Test #3: CT Coronary Calcium Score: The CT Coronary Calcium Score evaluates for hard plaque in the coronary arteries and is one of the best tests at looking at risk of event - 18:55

Best ways to measure blood pressure and ideal levels - 21:00

The truth about cholesterol and heart disease - 24:53

The 4 pillars for optimal heart health - 32:47

Exercise recommendations to improve heart health - 35:37

Photobiomodulation and optimizing light for better mitochondrial health and sleep - 43:40

Best foods for heart disease prevention - 55:20

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