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3 Types of Weight Loss Plateaus Explained & How to Break Them

weight loss mindset tip weight loss plateau Jul 26, 2023

Being at a weight loss plateau can feel very frustrating, especially when you feel like you’re doing everything in your power to get the scale to go down and it’s not budging.

While we don’t want you to give the scale any of our emotional power, we do understand that you want to see some progress.

Remember the scale is only one indicator of progress. Also consider your energy levels, how you’re sleeping, how your clothes are fitting, and just celebrating the little consistent things you are doing for your health.

All that being said, there are three types of weight loss plateaus that we’ll explain today. Once you understand the type of plateau you’re experiencing, you can tailor your strategy appropriately.

Weight loss plateaus are completely normal on your weight loss journey. If you anticipate the stalls, they won’t be as discouraging.

Just like any other facet of medicine, you can only improve a condition if you have the correct diagnosis. A great example of this is treating low back pain.

If you don’t get to the root of the problem, you can spend months of time and money on physical therapy sessions, chiropractor appointments, or medications that don’t make much of a difference.

In the case of a weight loss stall, if your strategies don’t match the type of plateau you have, you’ll face similar frustration.

There are three types - circumstantial, mental, or physical. Watch this video to learn what to do about each type. 


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