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The Ultimate Guide For Building Muscle With Nikkiey Stott

fitness goals muscle growth nutrition tips May 01, 2024

Ever wondered about the secrets behind strength training, tracking your macros, and the whole bulking and cutting deal? Well, wonder no more! In this episode, Dr. Morgan Nolte sits down with Nikkiey Stott, the Founder of WarriorBabe, to dive deep into these topics and more.

In this conversation, you'll discover why muscle isn't just about looking good—it's a key player in longevity and overall health. Learn how keeping an eye on your macros can unlock a whole new understanding of nutrition. And don't miss their take on progressive overload and how it turbocharges your strength gains.

Join Dr. Morgan Nolte and Nikkiey Stott  in their insightful discussion as they delve into the vital role of post-strength training nutrition and the potential drawbacks of intermittent fasting. Discover why timing and proper nourishment are crucial for maximizing muscle growth. They emphasize the significance of fueling your body with essential nutrients both before and after workouts to promote muscle development and prevent muscle breakdown.

Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Introduction to the topic.

[5:55] Importance of macronutrient tracking.

[6:05] The role of progressive overload in strength training.

[31:44] The importance of fueling the body.

[39:29] The role of discipline and consistency.

[50:43] The power of vision and elevating standards.

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