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Why the Pain of Change is Worth it with Teneshia Jackson Warner of The Big Stretch Book

May 18, 2022

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Teneshia Jackson Warner. She is the Founder and CEO of EGAMI Group, an award-winning, multicultural marketing firm recently named one of Adweek’s top 100 fastest-growing marketing agencies serving some of today’s most successful companies. 

Built from a combination of boldness, vision, and deep sense of purpose, the creation of EGAMI was a result of Teneshia’s decision to change careers and realign her profession with her purpose. Teneshia and the EGAMI Group team have taken the firm from an idea concept and turned it into a thriving business. Among some of the firm’s past and present clients include Fortune 100 brands such as Procter & Gamble, My Black is Beautiful, PepsiCo, Pfizer, and many more.

Teneshia is also a dynamic speaker, two-time author, creator of The Dream Project Symposium, as well as a coach to Dreamers at all stages of their path to a greater purpose. Her latest book The Big Stretch: 90 Days To Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success is a fully customizable, self-evaluation and empowerment guide helping Dreamers jumpstart a new business, career, or big idea. Teneshia chronicles her own Dream journey from quitting her corporate job to making history at the helm of the first Black-woman-led company to win the esteemed Cannes Lion Grand Prix Award and earning a 2018 Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial.

In this episode, Teneshia speaks about going on her dream journey for the last two decades. During the pandemic, Teneshia lost her grandmother. She finally realized it was time to put herself as a priority. So, Teneshia speaks about making her mental health a prime concern and then focusing on her physical fitness. Tune in as we chat about the importance of self-love, dialing in your lifestyle choices, and why change is hard but worth it. 


Here's What We Cover in This Episode

[01:55] Teneshia Speaks About Her Journey To Finding Her Health Again 

  • Essentially, Teneshia has been on a dream journey for two decades.
  • Teneshia grew EGAMI but didn’t really put a priority on her own health. 
  • During the pandemic, Teneshia put herself on the back burner. 
  • She had been eating whatever she wanted to eat for months. 
  • Plus, Teneshia was not moving at all. She was spending the majority of her time in her business.
  • During a team meeting, Teneshia was snappy, and she blew up on her team leaders.
  • So, Teneshia put a priority on her mental health. Then, she hired a trainer to help her get moving again. 

[09:50] Do Not Do Everything At The Same Time: Start Slow and Stay Consistent 

  • Teneshia made sure not to do everything at one time. 
  • First, she went to therapy and was consistent with it.
  • Second, Teneshia wanted to get moving again and be consistent with it.
  • Teneshia made sure to schedule her personal life first. She always went to therapy and always went to her training sessions. 
  • Also, Teneshia had a surgery that she put off for years. She couldn’t ignore it anymore. So, she put herself on medical leave as an entrepreneur. 

[21:25] The Pain of Change Is Worth It: It’s Time To Dial In Your Lifestyle 

  • Teneshia’s grandmother passed; it's what catalyzed her to lean into the journey.
  • Once she said yes to the journey, she went deeper and deeper into it.
  • Teneshia was uncomfortable being brokenhearted when she lost her grandma. She had to figure out how to do life without her. 
  • So, Teneshia wanted to become whole.
  • Once you start loving yourself, it’s contagious.

[27:10] Remember To Bring The People That You Love on Your Journey 

  • When you are on a journey, the transformation happening on the inside will lead you to wholeness.
  • When you have an internal transformation, it will show up externally.
  • You will see changes in your actions, and you will see changes in your body. 
  • Remember to bring the people that you love on the journey.
  • It can be shocking to see transformations occurring with yourself and not with the people you love. 

[32:00] Practice Self-Love In Order To Build A Healthy Business 

  • The expression of self-love from you to you is critical. 
  • There is no love like self-love. 
  • When you give yourself the gift of love, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Now, you can express, love, and share from a complete place. 
  • When you're not putting yourself at the center, you're operating in a deficit mode. 
  • To build a healthy business, you have to be at your best. 

[36:15] The Journey To Health Is Well Worth It - You’ll Find Strength, Energy, and Joy

  • Remember that your health is a journey. 
  • The journey is well worth it!
  • Embarking on your journey to wholeness will result in so many different versions of yourself.
  • Be willing to say yes to the journey. The reward will be a stronger version of yourself, more energetic and more joyous. 



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