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Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Inflammation, Sleep, & Weight Loss with Bryan Gohl

biohacking inflammation infrared red light red light therapy Nov 09, 2022

In this episode of the Reshape Your Health Podcast, you’ll learn about the benefits of red light therapy with Byran Gohl of Red Light Rising.

In it, we discuss the effects that red light has on mitochondrial health and how it can help with pain relief, aging, muscle repair, inflammation, and even weight loss.


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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction.

[10:00] Background on Red Light Rising and main results seen from their clients.

[13:30] Circadian rhythm and how red light impacts the mitochondria.

[20:00] When, during daytime hours, is red light most available in nature?

[23:00] Red light and the mitochondria: a deep dive.

[26:45] How do the LED red light machines work?

[29:45] How to determine if you need a red light.

[35:00] Which light is needed for people with long winters?

[38:40] How long should you be exposed to light?

[43:15] Ideal time to exercise to benefit circadian rhythm?

[46:45] Helpful tips for incorporating more sun into your daily routine.


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