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Plus-Size Runner Sandra Mikulic on Consistency, Weight Loss & Healing From Trauma

marthoner overweight plus size running weight loss motivation Aug 03, 2022

Today I am blessed to have Sandra Mikulic on the Reshape Your Health Podcast. She is a plus-size runner, wife, and mom of 4. Sandra has run a 50km race, several marathons, and an Olympic distance Triathlon, with more races to come.

In this episode, Sandra talks about her journey through childhood trauma and how she's used exercise to heal herself emotionally and mentally. After reading The Body Keeps the Score, Sandra learned she used her body to have visceral experiences that contradict her helplessness and rage. 

Sandra speaks about restoring the trust between your body and soul. Tune in as we chat about navigating impostor syndrome, overcoming the fear of criticism, and focusing on your mental weight before your physical weight. 


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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic Intro

[02:40] How Sandra discovered her love for running at the age of 43.

[11:50] How Sandra coped with her helplessness and rage through running. 

[22:35] Navigating impostor syndrome and overcoming the fear of criticism.

[31:30] Before focusing on weight loss, focus on your mental weight.

[36:45] To teach other people, you have to live in your truth. 

[42:50] Sandra discusses the stigma that overweight people don't know how to lose weight.


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