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3 Things to Do If You’re Thinking About Joining Zivli to Lose Weight, Lower Insulin, & Get Healthy

health wellness lose weight lower blood sugar lower insulin resistance weight loss membership weight loss program Dec 16, 2022

If you want to lose weight so you can be healthier, look better, and have more energy, don’t go on *another* diet. 

95% of diets fail, so why bother with an unsustainable and restrictive plan in the first place? 

Would you go to a doctor that had a 95% fail rate? Of course not! 

So why not try a better approach that *actually* gets you sustainable results?

Zivli is not a diet. It’s a slow and gradual lifestyle change to one that keeps insulin and inflammation low.

Zivli is our online course and coaching program that helps you reverse insulin resistance for long-term weight loss and disease prevention. 

You’ll learn how to maintain a lower carbohydrate lifestyle, use intermittent fasting strategically, and optimize other lifestyle habits to enhance your results. 

This episode covers 3 things you can do to prepare if you’re considering joining Zivli this January to lose weight and lower insulin resistance for better health. 

🥳Enrollment is open January 3rd - 10th, 2023. 🥳


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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Join us for a new, FREE, live training, called How to Lower Insulin Resistance.

[2:10] What is Zivli?

[3:12] Tip 1: Get baseline measurements and bloodwork done.

[4:41] Tip 2: Schedule your free discovery call before times book up.

[5:51] Tip 3: Block off your “Zivli” time now for January so you have the time and space on your calendar to go through the course lessons.

[9:27] Bonus Tip 1: Why underhydration blocks your body from burning fat.

[10:04] Bonus Tip 2: Why a morning mindset routine is vital to your long-term habit change.  


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>> Click here to register for our FREE Training: How to Lower Insulin Resistance Naturally

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