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Top Keto Diet Plan Mistakes with Ben Azadi, Founder of Keto Kamp

Apr 27, 2022

Are you making these keto diet plan mistakes? Ben Azadi, founder of the Keto Kamp Podcast and Keto Kamp Academy shares the biggest ketogenic mistakes. 

If you’re a beginner, or you’ve been doing keto for a while and are experiencing a plateau, this episode will help. You’ll learn what to eat on keto and the benefits of getting into, or cycling in and out of ketosis. 

Here are the Timestamps for this Interview 

2:22 - Top things to optimize to remove interference and allow your body's innate intelligence to get to work. 

6:00 - Why dialing in your sleep, stress, and movement will make keto or low-carb easier. 

6:42 - Why refined vegetable and seed oils may cause more inflammation than smoking. 

11:44 - Which are worse for our health? PUFAs like vegetable oils or added sugar?

24:11 - The biggest Keto mistakes Ben sees in his practice. 

28:30 - Why being in ketosis all the time may not be healthy for our metabolism. 

30:00 - How negative thoughts actually increase inflammation in your body.

35:30 - Why if you don't address your mindset and mental weight the physical weight likely won't come off, and if it does it will likely come right back on. 

39:00 - Strategies to improve your mindset and adopt more positive thinking. 

45:50 - Tips to reduce your stress and make lifestyle changes more successful and sustainable.

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