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Healthy Holidays Workshop 2023 Replay

healthy holidays Nov 17, 2023

Prepare for the holidays with strategies and recipes to prevent holiday weight gain, reduce emotional eating, and enjoy your loved ones without obsessing over food.


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Highlights From This Workshop

[0:00] Topic Introduction

[3:09] Emotional versus physical hunger explained and symptoms.

[6:25] Reflection-for-action strategies to reduce emotional eating.

[25:23] Reflection-in-action strategies to reduce emotional eating.

[31:28] Reflection-on-action strategies to reduce emotional eating.

[35:52] Emotional eating loop explained.

[39:05] Tips to start a good habit.

[46:05] Tips to stop a bad habit.

[50:45] How to find healthy recipes & sugar alternatives.

[52:44] Blood sugar hacks to prevent spikes.

[55:20] Tips to not eat all the candy.

[55:44] Tips to say no to food peer pressure.

[57:27] Tips to not overindulge on seasonal foods only served this time of year.

[58:20] How to control your eating when food is around all day.

[59:48] Getting back on track after a big holiday meal.

[01:02:15] Changes to your fasting schedule around the holidays.

[01:02:56] Not in charge of the meals - what to do.

[01:04:52] Back to back big meals - what to do.

[01:05:35] What to do if you want to try everything!

[01:07:11] How to keep exercise up in the cold weather.

[01:08:45] Strategies to prevent overeating.


Resources From This Workshop

>> Podcast Interview: Should You Quit Alcohol With James Swanwick

>> Podcast Episode: The Most Common Emotional Eating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (This was the episode I mentioned about finding your cues for emotional eating.)

>> Email [email protected] to get a download of these slides.