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Should You Quit Alcohol With James Swanwick

alcohol free lifestyle tips to quit alcohol Sep 27, 2023

His interview on the Reshape Your Health Podcast is especially motivating, especially if you have a social drinking habit. After this interview, I committed to not drink for 30 days. Prior to this interview, I would have no more than 1 drink per week, so it wasn’t a big stretch. I’d encourage you to do the same after listening to this interview.

James Swanwick is CEO and founder of Swanwick Sleep, Alcohol Free Lifestyle, and host of the podcast, Alcohol Free Lifestyle. He’s one of the people leading the crusade on people having a better relationship with alcohol and improving their sleep.

His teachings have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine and Psychology Today. He’s also a former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN.


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction 

[11:14] Barriers to quitting drinking. 

[16:14] Addressing uncomfortable emotions through drinking alcohol. 

[18:06] Why drinking alcohol hinders weight loss. 

[24:19] How alcohol affects our metabolism. 

[30:44] James’ story on how he started his passion for coaching people. 

[37:21] Practical advice for people who want to quit drinking. 

[44:13] How to easily quit alcohol for 30 days (and why). 

[47:43] Why wearing blue-light blocking glasses will transform your sleep. 

[54:19] James’ thoughts and recommendations on sleep monitoring devices. 

[55:35] Importance of getting natural sunlight first thing in the morning.


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