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The Best Ways to Use Essential Oils to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Sleep With Jodi Cohen

aromatherapy essential oils May 24, 2023

Join us for a discussion on how to use essential oils to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and improve your sleep with Jodi Cohen, founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. 

With her unique personal experience with anxiety, divorce, and the loss of a child, she’s passionate about spreading the message about how essential oils have helped her heal and feel like herself again. 

She also shares a unique tip to quickly reduce anxiety during a panic attack. 


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction.

[1:32] Jodi’s story about how anti-anxiety medications had the opposite effect. 

[4:57] How Jodi used essential oils to help heal from adrenal collapse after having to place her husband into inpatient care. 

[9:53] Normal “nerves” vs generalized anxiety vs panic attacks explained. 

[11:48] Why COVID led to heightened levels of anxiety. 

[12:45] How blood sugar dysregulation and other “external” factors can contribute to anxiety. 

[15:00] Physiology behind the stress response and anxiety. 

[20:05] How to use essential oils to “stimulate” the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce anxiety. 

[22:27] Various ways to use essential oils for different benefits. 

[26:46] Quick way to calm anxiety during a panic attack. 

[29:19] Using essential oils during therapy to heal from trauma. 

[35:00] How Jodi used essential oils to calm the incessant anxiety following the loss of her son so she could keep caring for her daughter. 

[38:50] The benefits of instant gratification from using essential oils. 

[42:32] Using essential oils to fall asleep or stay asleep.


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