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How Phytochemicals Fight Microbial Infections With Bill Rawls, MD

cellular health microbes microbial infection mold disease phytochemicals vital plan Nov 02, 2022

Today on the Reshape Your Health podcast, I interviewed Dr. Bill Rawls, author of The Cellular Wellness Solution. We discuss phytochemicals, their benefits, and how to use them to fight microbial infections.

Unlike medications, phytochemicals have the power to heal your cells, and protect them from future damage. Phytochemicals are your “cellular insurance plan.” He has successfully treated his fibromyalgia and lyme disease in part due to the power of phytochemicals.

Today, Dr. Rawls shares the revelations that helped him and thousands of others reclaim their lives and find their own paths to wellness. He is the bestselling author of Unlocking Lyme, The Cellular Wellness Solution, and is the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Vital Plan, Inc.


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Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction. ​

[3:15] Dr. Rawls' journey towards a holistic approach.

[7:45] What are microbes and why are they important?

[16:15] What are some manifestations of the most common microbe related conditions/symptoms?

[19:30] Is there a drug to cure these microbe related issues?

[25:30] Are there phytochemicals that aren’t herbs?

[29:50] Phytochemicals as an “insurance policy” to the body.

[33:15] Who should be taking herbs?

[39:30] Where does detoxification actually start?

[47:50] What does detoxification really mean?

[52:30] What things are toxic and damaging to the liver?

[56:00] How can I find quality herbs on the market?


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