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The REAL Blue Light Effect on Stress, Sleep, and Weight Loss with Corey Ghazvini, DOM

Feb 02, 2022

If you struggle with low energy, high stress, and trouble sleeping, watch this interview to learn the REAL effect blue light has on your stress, sleep, and weight loss. Losing weight is not as simple as eat less, exercise more. We know that optimizing sleep, stress, and movement can help...but an often overlooked piece of the equation is environment. That includes toxins and your light environment. 

In this interview Dr. Ghazvini explains how our overloaded blue light environment from technology is raising cortisol, blood glucose, insulin and ultimately weight. Directly contributing to disease and weight loss resistance. 

You’ll learn practical strategies to improve your circadian rhythm including morning sunlight, blue light blocking glasses (that actually work), downloads to block blue light from your computer, and many more strategies to reduce your blue light exposure. 

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Here are the Timestamps for this Interview

12:14 - Why natural light is important for setting your circadian rhythm.

15:17 - How the environment can influence epigenetics to influence disease. 

22:28 - What is an optimal light environment and how to create it for yourself to reduce cortisol and increase melatonin. 

29:20 - How your retina (part of your eye) is actually part of your brain and influences your circadian rhythm by the type and amount of light it's exposed to during the day. 

36:26 - The role of melatonin in autophagy and sleep. 

40:40 - Why you may not be seeing optimal results with intermittent fasting. 

50:50 - Why humans are living in a perpetual "summer."

54:37 - Tips to start improving your light environment (reduce blue light) for better sleep and health. Includes recommended blue light blocking glasses and screen apps. 


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