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Do THIS to Lose Stubborn Body & Belly Fat

belly fat insulin resistance weight loss tips Aug 13, 2023

This new video explains an effective way to help reduce body and belly fat. It’s a protein-pacing diet combined with 1-2 days of nutrient-sparing intermittent fasting.

We’ve all been there…

Pants that don’t zip, a shirt that’s too tight around the midsection, placing other people in front of us so our stomach isn’t in the picture…or not being in the picture at all.

Stubborn body and belly fat can be really frustrating. Not only that, but excess can be inflammatory and harmful for our health, contributing to insulin resistance.

Learn a better way to lose both visceral and subcutaneous belly fat in this video.


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction. 

[0:35] Flat abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. 

[0:40] Visceral versus subcutaneous belly fat. 

[1:43] Proven dietary method to lower body and belly fat. 

[2:22] What is a protein-pacing diet? 

[4:25] What is a modified fast (AKA nutrient-sparing fast). 

[6:20] Results from a study comparing chronic calorie restriction to protein-pacing intermittent fasting. 

[7:50] 2 weight loss mistakes when using intermittent fasting.


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Resources From This Episode

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>> Freebie: Weight Loss Mindset Audio Training

>> Insulin Resistance Diet Starter Course

>> Source: Intermittent fasting and protein pacing are superior to caloric restriction for weight and visceral fat loss

>> Source: Your Guide to Lowering Cholesterol With Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) Note: Zivli, LLC does not recommend or endorse this eating pattern. This reference is included because this is what was used in the above research study.