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The BEST Dietary Approach to Lose Body & Belly Fat

insulin resistance protein weight loss tips Aug 06, 2023

In this video, you'll learn the best dietary approach to lose body and belly fat - while maintaining muscle mass to prevent the slowing of metabolism commonly seen with weight loss.

In the past, the focus was on general weight loss, and the speed of success. The more weight you lost, and the faster you did it, the better.

But decades later, we have many adults who have lost the same 20 to 50 pounds 4 to 5 times in their life.

They now have a slower metabolism and harder time losing weight, and this video will explain why. You'll learn why to shift your focus from fast and large weight loss. And instead, towards something called body recomposition.

That means losing fat, and keeping or building muscle. This way you are more likely to maintain your weight loss, improve your metabolic health. You also improve your muscle tone to fit into clothes better. And increase your strength to function in life better.

There are a couple keys to achieving this. A high protein diet combined with resistance training helps build muscle. Keeping insulin low helps with fat loss.


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction. 

[0:36] What is body recomposition and why is it better than “weight loss”? [0:59] How to build muscle and burn fat. 

[1:13] A high-protein diet explained. 

[1:46] How much protein to eat each day. 

[2:45] Comparison of different weight loss diets on lean body mass. 

[4:20] A high-protein diet led to 18% more fat loss, and a 56% decrease in lean body mass loss.

[4:59] Additional fat-burning tips to keep insulin low.

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