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How to Get Over Your Sugar Addiction

sugar addiction weight loss Jul 05, 2019


Step #1: Download your free workbook

Step #2: Watch the videos below. 


Video 1: Understand Your Why

  • Dig deeper and uncover the real reasons you want to kick your sugar habit and get healthy. 
  • It's easier to say "no" when you have a greater "yes."

Video 2: Know the Facts

  • How much added sugar is too much?
  • What "counts" as sugar? 
  • How does sugar affect my brain and body?

Video #3: Check Your Mindset

  • Diets don't work, this is a LIFEstyle change.
  • Mindset shifts that will help you overcome your impulse to eat sugary foods.
  • How our habits change with our thoughts.

Video #4: Plan for Success

  • What to do about your trigger foods. 
  • 3 tips to prevent you from eating too much added sugar.

Video #5: Get Accountable

  • Why accountability is so important for behavior change.
  • Ways to add accountability to your plan to stop eating so much sugar