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What Actually Causes Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure? (Truth Exposed)

heart disease high blood pressure May 21, 2023

This episode is going to reveal a truth about the cause of high blood pressure and heart disease that the American Heart Association still won’t admit. 

If you’re confused and frustrated because you followed the guidelines to eat less salt and saturated fat, and still ended up sick and overweight, this episode is for you. 

Maybe eating that way helped lower your cholesterol, but other markers are off.

Your triglycerides, glucose, blood pressure, and insulin are high, your HDL is low, and you have excess weight and have little energy. 

You tried to fix the cholesterol problem by following the low-fat, low-salt, low calorie recommendations but it made everything else worse. Sound familiar?

You're about to learn what actually causes high blood pressure and heart disease. And spoiler alert, it's not saturated fat, or cholesterol.


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