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Hidden Attachments Keeping You Plateaued With Dr. Lydia Spirawk

mindset nonattachment personal growth Apr 03, 2024

Do you struggle with a habit you can't seem to break? Like staying up too late, overeating in the evenings, that afternoon snack, or how about the frequent glass of wine after dinner? All of these habits that don't serve us stem from hidden attachments. And when you learn to see them, and release them, your habits will change with more ease.

Part of sustainable weight loss is learning to choose your thoughts. Mental mastery will lead to emotional mastery, and ultimately mastery of your habits. Part of this mindset work is practicing non-attachment, non-resistance, non-reaction and non-judgment.

When practiced, these states of mind can lead to inner freedom. This philosophical framework has the power to transform your thoughts surrounding yourself, your relationships, and your health journey.

Tune in to our newest episode, where I talk with Dr. Lydia Spirawk, one of our Zivli health coaches, about how to navigate non-attachment, the first of the 4 “Nons.” This is Part 1 of our mini series on the 4 “Nons” that you don’t want to miss where we dive into non-attachment.

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