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Best Practices for Mindful Stress Management With Alicia McLucas

mindfulness self-compassion stress management Jun 12, 2024

In this episode, Alicia McLucas discusses behavior change, habit formation, and mindfulness practices. Alicia shares her inspiring journey of reversing type 2 diabetes through behavior modification and nutrition. 

Alicia discusses topics such as identifying personal values, reducing stress through mindfulness, and overcoming emotional eating. This conversation addresses the profound impact of stress on behavior change and the importance of mindfulness in stress management.


Highlights From This Episode

[00:00] Topic introduction.

[5:39] Alicia's journey with type two diabetes and behavior change.

[10:28] Identifying personal values and mindful decision-making.

[32:20] The impact of stress on behavior change and decision-making.

[41:11] Practices for mindful stress management.

[47:01] The role of values in decision-making.

[54:05] The significance of self-compassion in stress management and coaching.

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