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A Better Way to Monitor Blood Pressure With Jay Shah, MD

blood pressure heart disease Nov 08, 2023

Did you know high blood pressure usually has no symptoms? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of adults have high blood pressure, defined as a systolic (top) blood pressure greater than 130 mmHg or a diastolic (bottom) blood pressure greater than 80 mmHg, or are taking medication for high blood pressure.

What’s more concerning, is only about 1 in 4 adults with high blood pressure have it under control. Having high blood pressure increases your risk of heart attack and stroke. And it’s estimated that in the United States alone, $131 billion is spent on the condition each year.

On today’s episode, you’ll hear from Jay Shah, MD. He is an expert cardiologist, having practiced at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Mayo Clinic, and now is Chief Medical Officer for Aktiia.

He believes the time has come in medicine for individuals to understand and optimize their own health. This includes a better understanding of your blood pressure, and not relying on a sole reading at the doctor’s office to say “You have high blood pressure, take this medication.”

In this interview, he talks about a better way to measure high blood pressure - continuously and automatically. Similar to a continuous glucose monitor but for blood pressure. For the right person, this technology can be life-saving.


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic Introduction

[5:05] Prevalence of high blood pressure.

[10:40] Other examples to spot check blood pressure.

[13:30] Importance of proper medication dosing.

[14:50] What is Aktiia and how to use it properly.

[17:55] More information and studies about Aktiia.

[20:55] Why a continuous blood pressure device increases the Hawthorne effect and behavior change. 

[32:35] Lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure.


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