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Pelvic Floor Therapy with Dr. Sarah White-Hamilton (leakage, walking farts, painful sex, oh my!)

Oct 27, 2021

If you struggle with urinary or bowel incontinence, painful intercourse, constipation, or urinary frequency you may benefit from pelvic floor therapy. Dr. Sarah White-Hamilton joins us to explain pelvic floor dysfunction including symptoms, causes, and treatment. 


Here are the Timestamps for this Interview

Why I could never be a pelvic floor therapist (awkward!) - 0:00 

When can a child benefit from pelvic health physical therapy? - 3:00

When would a woman benefit from pelvic health physical therapy? - 3:54

What is the pelvic floor and what are its functions? - 6:20

What are the signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction? - 7:26

What can you expect from a pelvic floor physical therapy examination - 10:59

Explanation of an internal pelvic floor muscle examination - 12:19

Fun Fact: Why we squeeze our knees together when we have to urinate - 17:10

How physical therapists can use internal and external biofeedback to improve your pelvic floor strength - 19:30

How can people self-assess to see if they have a strong pelvic floor muscle? - 22:40

How to strengthen your pelvic floor with and without internal weights - 24:36 

Tips to not leak when you’re lifting weights, walking, dancing, or jumping - 26:36

What accessory muscles should be strengthened for a stronger pelvic floor? - 37:25

Risk factors for pelvic floor dysfunction - 40:27 

Why abdominal weight increases the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction - 45:04

Case study of urinary and fecal incontinence - 50:40

Ergonomic consideration to improve incontinence - 56:00 


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