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How to Increase Libido in Women with Dr. Renee Wellenstein

Feb 09, 2022

If you’re a women in perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause and want to learn how to increase libido, this episode with Dr. Renee Wellenstein is for you! 

In it, this OBGYN turned functional medicine doctor talks about two major causes of low libido:

  • Adrenal dysfunction - often caused by too much stress.
  • Estrogen dominance - often caused in part by chemicals that are endocrine disruptors and act as estrogen mimickers.

You’ll learn helpful tips to increase your libido and help reduce stress on your adrenals.


Here are the Timestamps for this Episode:

0:00 - Overview of main topics in episode.

12:17 - What is adrenal fatigue/adrenal dysfunction?

20:06 - What is the pregnenolone steal and how does it explain why increased stress reduces sex hormones?

24:07 - Discussion of endocrine disrupting chemicals leading to symptoms estrogen dominance such as heavy periods, anxiety, weight gain, and fatigue.

29:40 - What are the top endocrine disrupting chemicals and where are they hiding in our everyday products?

36:00 - How is poor gut health related to low libido + nutrition tips to increase libido.


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